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Special items made available through special experiences


I am on my personal spiritual journey - these are my words & my experiences. No two experiences are alike- even if you were to travel with me. They would be totally unique to each of us. I am a student of the universe learning about life as I go- I continue to trust my intuition & I follow my dreams, life is for the living. Here I share some of my dreams & experiences with you. I have personally built this site , typed each word, taken each picture & felt each feel in these experiences. I am a spiritual being having a human experience . Some days as you are aware -are not easy -but at the end of the day -I am always grateful.

Thank-you for being here. As this is a NEW online business-currently sales tax does not need to be collected. It will change as time goes on & sales accumulate.

Traveling Through The Heart

This website has been born out of many of my personal travel & spiritual experiences, the "gifts" that I have been shown, the "messages" that I have been given & the "treasures" that I have been guided to pass along for purchase to you. Travel happens in many ways- in the air, on the sea, on the land, through the third-eye & through the heart- These are my experiences. They continue.  I've been guided to offer special items/services for purchase that have come from my personal  experiences. The items will be updated as I am. Each has a story-some which is shared to some degree in the  descriptions below. I am guided daily - by myself, by my intuition, my guides, the angels & those that came before me.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy this journey right along with me-as everything here -is near & dear to my heart. I hope that you find something that touches your heart as they have mine. Trust your intuition. Trust the journey. Trust life.

(UPDATES are happening to this website-stay tuned ) 

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