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Specializing in Oracle Readings/Guidance , Reiki Teachings, Custom Pendants & Empowering Events in The Upstate NY Area.

Please note that we are taking a social media break for a while-you will not find us on FB currently. 


I am on my personal spiritual journey -& offer what I have learned over the years to you.  

* In person events are held in the Brunswick NY area-at my private studio- 

*Readings are available In -Person, Via email & over the telephone. 

 *I am also the owner of www.hippieswitchesangelics.com

Traveling Through The Heart

This website has been born out of many of my personal travel & spiritual experiences, the "gifts" that I have been shown, the "messages" that I have been given & the "treasures" that I have been guided to pass along for purchase to you. 

Travel happens in many ways- in the air, on the sea, on the land, through the third-eye & through the heart- These are my experiences. They continue.  I've been guided to offer special items/services for purchase that have come from my personal  experiences & education over the years. 

I am guided daily - by myself, by my intuition, my guides, the angels & those that came before me.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy this journey right along with me.

I hope that you find something that touches your heart as they have mine.

If you are looking for guidance, angelic connections, Reiki trainings & more- thank-you-  you have arrived here for a reason! 

 Trust your intuition. Trust the journey. Trust life.

Thank-you for being here. 


Usui Reiki Level I & Level II 

Taking Reiki I and II with Judy in 2022 was truly a blessing. She is a very down to earth and humble instructor. The smaller class sizes allowed for a more personalized learning environment that would be lost otherwise. For anyone looking to begin their practice and learn from an experienced practitioner who intuits what feels right/honors Source, her classes are a great opportunity. Looking forward to Level III in 2023!

Moon & Solstice (Email) Messages:

I have received many Moon Readings and Solstice readings from Judy over the past couple years. Every reading has been tremendously accurate to where I was at that time in my life and helped guide me in the direction of my highest good. I always look forward to the help Judy has to offer and love that she is willing to share her light with me. Thank you Judy. ~April

Long-Time Patron- Energy Shifting Session, Moon Messages & Usui Reiki Level I .

Judy provides amazing healing services to her community. I have come to her over the past ten or so years for multiple beautiful offerings. Her energy shifting session was so comprehensive and powerful, assisting me on a true path to healing. I have also asked for moon phase messages which were affirming, on point and on time as advertised. Most recently I studied Level I Usui Reiki in her lovely intimate studio space and would recommend this to any and everyone. Judy's gifts are palpable and genuine; I will continue to come to her as I feel called to do so.

In Person Oracle Reading :

During a recent in person reading Judy asked me who was the person who had a particular scent around them... I laughed as there was only one person who is with me always with this particular aroma! Judy is magical and insightful with her guidance. You are aware of how she receives and gives her messages. Many of us have questions and difficulties and can use some divine intervention . Judy is just an amazing person and resource for assistance with answers. And I am grateful, thankful and blessed to have her guidance! Pam M-W in the Berkshires. 

Numerous Events with Judy 3/25/23

Your generosity, knowledge & guidance has touched so many lives. I am lucky to be one of them. You've not only touched that person but also generations after them. I am a new mom & have found myself breaking generational curses that she (my daughter) will never have to feel.

Love you , Stacey.

Accomplishments -So you know a bit about me & why you may want to work with me. I am dedicated to my spiritual path- if something resonates with you - I look forward to working with you! 

*School of Mystical Arts- Psychic & Intuitive Course

* Oracle Cards Diploma

*Angel Therapy Healing 

* Usui Reiki Master /Teacher

*Coaching Skills Certified

*Licensed Spiritual Healer 

*Sound Therapy Course -Tuning Forks 

*Professional Past Life Regression Therapy (Dr. Brian Weiss) MA

*Aromatherapy Certification Course

*LaHo-Chi Level I Training.

*Certified Vigyan Bhairav Tantric Meditation Facilitator, CA, Ireland, India

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